What is Kiosk?

          A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by.   More sophisticated kiosks let users interact and include touch screens, sound, and motion video.  A number of companies specialize in creating multimedia kiosks.

Why Kiosk is important?

Every businessman who for years wondered if kiosks were right for their operations  is increasingly answering yes. For many running years there has been an average of more than 125 new self-service kiosks installed every day in North America, according to some estimates.  Why is a new kiosk coming online approximately every 11 minutes? Because kiosks  have proven to be highly effective tools for making customers happy and improving operations 88 percent of best-in-class operators improved customer satisfaction with kiosk systems, 63 percent improved customer conversion, and 100 percent reduced labor costs. Overall, anyone who implemented kiosks improved customer satisfaction by an average of 58 percent. The kiosk is a self-service and information point which enables  provision of information, research, marketing and advertising services
in public locations. 

          It contains software which can be adapted to customer service such as  registered free wifi , loyalty card rewards and redemption, or internet browser;  ticket sale (airports, railway stations),  and support for marketing campaigns (retail centres).
Kiosks allow customers to complete self-service transactions, expand inventory reach by providing in-store access to online products, and help build customer loyalty.
Brand marketers use kiosks to educate potential customers, getting a consistent message across without employing sales people. The touch interface is universal and can be used by anyone regardless of language, education, or socioeconomic or cultural background.

  • Registered free wifi kiosk builds customer satisfaction competitive advantage and provides customer information with new avenue for marketing
  • Return and refund kiosks speed the processing of returned merchandise 
  • Gift registry kiosks make it easy for customers to find the right gift 
  • Multimedia booths provide information and advertising to shoppers, from mobile  phone services  to specifications on consumer electronics 
  • POS and merchandising kiosks supply in-store product information and promotional  displays and, in some cases, even dispense products
  • Customer loyalty program kiosks encourage purchases that generate rewards 

Why mKiosk

          We would like to help you to increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing your business requirement with a complete Turn-key Kiosk Service for your customers. MSCS fully managed turn-key Kiosk Service will provide you with everything you need from A to Z to turn-up and support business requirement to your customers service includes:

  • Site survey
  • Modern kiosk
  • Kiosk monitoring and management
  • All cabling service required
  • Installation and testing 
  • Many SLA type experienced customer service helpdesk to handle any and all customer inquiries
  • Landing pages to be customized with your logo
  • Monthly usage reports


  • New and effective customer service and marketing channel;
  • Support Thai National ID smart card reader, ICAO/Passport reader, Thai Driving License, Magnetic reader, NFC and Employee card;
  • Interactive real time with customers;
  • Support customer activities; e.g. look up customer profile, services history, loyalty point checking, rewards redemption and auto-registration;
  • VSignage, VPayment, Visitor, Discount coupon, Member issue card, Information directory, Recommend place for traveler;
  • Ready to use application and also flexible to applied for any type of business;
  • Can be integrated with your existing system such as ERP or CRM or wifi Registration via Web Service;
  • Can be view customer profile, support redemption and check point balance;
  • Can be check history transaction;

mKiosk Server Management

          mKiosk Server Management gives you the power to manage hundreds of kiosks from one centralized location and receive notification of problem issues that your kiosks may be experiencing so you can limit outages, fight downtime, increase your revenues, and most importantly keep your customers happy and coming back.

What can our mKiosk Server Management System do? 

  • System monitoring 
  • Terminal management
  • Monitor kiosk usage
  • Logging report
  • Support web-service, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Settlement
  • Multi – Language
  • M Radius Server (option)
  • Campaign management
  • Black List / White List Management
  • Multi-currency
  • Can set advertising to show on Kiosk
  • Automatic Turn on -shutdown kiosk by daily or weekly
  • Support RDBMS eg. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, My SQL
  • Maximize revenue 
  • Eliminate wasted engineer’s visits 
  • Reduce downtime 
  • Make fact-based business decision

My Loyalty Kiosk

Today’s customers are more sophisticated than ever. Successful loyalty programs integrate many modes of communication to stay “top of mind” with their members.
MY LOYALTY KIOSK provides a wide range of options for engaging your customer and streamlining your loyalty administration. Better than paper application,Loyalty Kiosk provides excellent benefits that reduce cost and improve data quality:

MY Loyalty Kiosk Features:

Program Enrollment:

  • Card/ Member Registration
  • Card Activation
  • Update Customer Profile and Change Password
  • Issuance Card
  • Questionnaire

Point  Reward and Promotion

  • Display Privilege/ News & Activity
  • SMS/E-Mail Alert
  • Special Offer
  • Check Point Balance
  • Show History Earn Point/Redemption in Statement Type
  • Display Reward Items
  • Reward Redemption

Merchant/ Manufacture Advertising

  • Support Printing Advertisement on Slip 
  • Support Setting Advertisement to Show on Kiosk   Screen

Kiosk Integration, Monitoring& Support

  • Real Time CRM Database Updates
  • Integration with Current POS System
  • Update Firmware Version from Server
  • Client Support Center
  • Can Show near-by Shop
  • Can be Integrate with Analytic Program

Kiosk Management

  • Campaign Management
  • Configure Different Reward Levels
  • Kiosk Monitoring
  • Kiosk Management Report
  • Can Set Black List/White List
  • Automatic Turn On-Shutdown Kiosk by Daily or Weekly

For any company interested to starting a loyalty program, or seek to take their 
existing loyalty program to the next level,  MY LOYALTY KIOSK is the  “key” 
to your success.

MY Wifi Kiosk

My wifi kiosk is a complete turn - key wifi service  that offerring customer free wifi after registration by National ID , Passport ID , member card , or any other customised cards.
MyWifi Kiosk Benefit
1) Facilitates better client relations:  
Offering free wifi to customer shows the 
customers that you value their time by allowing them to still be productive while they wait for car service, renew a passport or driver’s license or any cards, or while waiting for a table at a restaurant, or while they wait for their appointment at clinics or hospitals, or their spouses or children to finish classes or shopping. Providing free wifi  can be viewed as a valuable amenity that gives your customer one more reason to come to and stay at your establishment.

2) Build Customer Loyalty:  
According to, the more time customers spend in your store, the more money they are likely to spend.  A survey shows that more than 1000 European wifi users indicated that 96% of
respondents would return to an establishment that offered
free wifi service, and just under 50% of the respondents would
go to the location in the first place because it offers free wifi.
3) Offers a Competitive Advantage:  
Hotel is a good example for this. Offering “free wifi”  could be the deciding factor to choosing one hotel over another. Since we all tend to appreciate complimentary extras, this amenity can play a part in the customer decision as a “preferred” to go to or to stay at a specific business place or shop. Customers today do comparison shop. They want a better option and free wifi is one of it !

4) Provides valuable Customer Information: 
Customes who want to be on free wifi network, they need to do 5 - seconds registration and from that point you can gain visibility into the online activity that can provide useful insight for store buyers and marketing teams. Corporate offering “free wifi”
can monitor and track customer behavior online, request customer feedback and can be extending to conduct short survey to gather
useful customer data about products and services offered and prepare more targeted incentives and strategies to increase sales.

5) Provides other Avenues for marketing: 
Your wifi landing page presented when a customer first logs into your wireless network is a great place to provide fresh content and up-to-date special promotions offered, useful products and service information directly to your target customers to keep them engaged and help them informed purchases.

MyWifi Kiosk Features:

We provide Kiosk wifi registration solution for your  customer by using Thai National ID smart card  reader,   Passport reader, Member card and Employee card.

  • We provide Username and Password for your customer to log in to use wifi in your area.
  • Site Survey
  • Modern Kiosk
  • All Cabling Service Required
  • We provide Kiosk Management system for admin to manage and monitor kiosk system such as if user use  internet for insulting the Thai royal family or insulting the monarchy admin can be find culprit from kiosk  report
  • Can Monitor Kiosk Status (Online/Offline) 
  • Daily Offers
  • New User Registration Report
  • History Usage Report
  • Error Usage Report
  • Kiosk Usage Report
  • History Kiosk Report
  • We support multi radius
  • If you don’t have own radius we will provide total wifi solution for you
  • If you have a radius our system can be integrated with your radius system
    Turn – up Registered Free Wireless Services for your Clients and get your valuable customer data at the same time Today !

Data TO GO Kiosk

In the modern commercial world, where consumers, staff and suppliers are more ready than ever to get more service at work point or to express their opinions, failure to harness this valuable source of data and to act upon it promptly is a lost opportunity that few can afford.
A good data collecting is vital for the success of any organisation. Whether for marketing purposes, product development or feedback on customer satisfaction levels, successful organisations not only collecting data accurately but they effectively analyse the outcomes in real-time, and implement the appropriate improvements.

My Data To GO Kiosk software tailored to any need, allowing you to utilise your kiosk to conveniently
and efficiently collect feedback — straight from the source. 100% Replacement to Pen &
Paper and minimize the labor expenses and clerical errors.  Of equal importance, our reporting modules allow you to fully interrogate the data you have collected, enabling you to make the informed business decisions which will help you achieve your commercial goals.


• In-depth surveys and paperless data collection:
The kiosks can store a variety of detailed, interactive surveys with multiple questions that can be set to run on different schedules. This makes it ideal for conducting in depth investigations. All answers are date and time stamped, providing a rich set of unique data tailored to each individual. It enables you to instantly capture data without using paper-based application forms, making it quicker, more efficient and cost-effective.

Your wifi landing page presented when a customer first logs into your wireless network is a great place to provide fresh content and up-to-date special promotions offered, useful products and service information directly to your target customers to keep them engaged and help them informed purchases.

Kiosks are remote stand alone units that collect feedback without using staff, saving manpower costs.

• Flexible data transfer:
Kiosks can transfer data in one of the three ways, using LAN (connected to the wall like your PC), wifi or GSM (Mobile phone network). Feedback data is scheduled to upload regularly and can be immediately accessed through the Performance Management Centre after upload.

• Our dedicated personalised support service:
We focus on ensuring that you not only collect information, but also use it to improve your operations and profitability. To help you do this, we can assign a dedicated team to work with you and build a support package tailored specifically to your needs. Our personalised  services include staff training, management support, in-depth data analysis and regular reporting.

Where can this technology be used?

• Screening Qualified Customer:
DATA To Go Kiosk collect the up-to-date potential customers who are interested in our products or services at their working location or any of their convenient location without using staff.
• Surveys for customer/patient satisfaction:
Improve your customer service and brand loyalty by finding out what your customers like/dislike so that you can give them what they want — before your competition does. 
• Surveys for staff:
Ensure employee satisfaction and retention by surveying them on any subject of your choosing. Polling employees anonymously lets you discover the truth about what they really feel about you and your organisation. 
• Qualified leads capture:
DATA To Go Kiosk assists shop staff in obtaining qualified leads. Exhibition or event touch screen kiosks can quickly and discretely collect qualified leads which can be followed up later.
• Market research:
DATA To Go Kiosk gathers the up-to-date views of your customers and allows them to make suggestions for improvements. Interrogating and interpreting this data in detail using the reporting modules enables you to fully understand your marketplace and adapt your product or marketing strategy as needed. 
Function and Features
• 100% Replacement to Pen & Paper Surveys
• Run Offline Surveys
• Track Interviewers GPS Location on a Real-Time Map

Who are MSCS And What Do We Think?

MSCS was established in ......... by the engineers team and focused on special  computer hardware such for handicaps.  Lately, with the teaming up of software  and marketing experts who has the same belief that the real time customer  data can provide extraordinary marketing  insights and profitable outcomes, 

MSCS introduced a cloud-based loyalty  solutions with the core philosophy that we must makes it easy to all sizes of companied and brands to increase user loyalty and engagement holistically across social, web, mobile, kiosk, in-store,  and machine experiences.

Using My loyalty solution in SaaS platform, brands can reward users for real-time actions that driving user behavior, achieve specific business goals, while measuring and optimizing user engagement.

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A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for people walking by. More sophisticated kiosks let users interact and include touch screens, sound, and motion video. A number of companies specialize in creating multimedia kiosks


The solution to help you grow your business, attract new business (and save you money!), keep your customers happy, and help you market more efficiently.


This new innovation can effectively assist in specifying authentication of identify and connecting with data capture of the customers precisely and correctly.


Business Partner Information Loyalty Program Point Collection Point Redemption Point Exchange Integration & Security Reporting