The increase of capability for using data in the ID Card in the type of Smart Card to all current applications without requiring to entry the data of ID Card can provide conveniently, rapidly and precisely process on data acquisition and to eliminate the fault to be incurred by human error.

mSID Solution is a suite of program to assist in management of working process for using Smart Card to identify personal authentication, such as in reading data of the card to be conveniently, rapidly and efficiently connected with other relevant applications. mSID is also able to record on the undesirable group of persons by assign them as a Blacklist for reminder when such data is entered. In addition, mSID is able to match fingerprints for verification of the card owner.



1. mSID Reader is to use for reading data and image from Smart Card via the card reader and to display the result on program screen. It is able to support not only to the Smart Card but also to the magnetic strip cards, passports and mobile phone equipment.

- Smart Card Reader: Device for reading smart cards.

- Magnetic Reader: Device for reading magnetic strip cards.

- e-Passport Reader: Device for reading passports.

- Mobile Phone/Tablet Reader: Device for reading mobile phone equipment.

2. mSID Designer is for the user to design on the part of matching data from ID card to be compatible with the form of application so used without changing the previous program. It is able to select the required data to be entered into the application by specifying only one time at the first entry and can also select a pair of data matching without limitation number of forms as well as to assign it into standard template.

3. mSID Integrator is to use for entry data into application of the user as already been designed in the USID Designer.

4. mSID Copy is to use for printing the face of ID Card by printer with increasing conveniently use for the user to prescribe any statements so required to be printed on the card by him/herself.

5. mSID Blacklist is to use for recording data on number of ID Cards which are arranged in the group of Blacklist. When reading data on the card, the program will make verification with the recorded data and to display a warning statement to the user if the Blacklist group is found for confirmation by the user before entering data into the application.

6. mSID Enrollment is to use for collection of fingerprint data of the card holder into database.

7. mSID MOC is to use for identify personal authentication by matching fingerprints on the card with data of the ID Card holder as collected in the database.

Key Features

Easy to Install: mSID is designed to be easily installed so it is able to take data from ID card to be used jointly and conveniently with other existing applications.

Fast, Easy-to-Use Data Capture: It can increase conveniently and rapidly for obtaining data’s customers.

Seamless check-in and Identity Solution: It is designed to assist in specifying personal identity by working perfectly with other applications.

Real-time Verification: It is able to verify and specify personal identity immediately under real-time basis.

Value Added: It is able to connect mSID perfectly with the previous software which is the easiest process to increase value added to the products with lowest cost.

High ROI: MSID is designed to be connected conveniently, rapidly and to work efficiently with other applications, which is worthwhile on return of investment.

Confidence &Optimize: Due to rapidly change of technology, the use of V-Smart’s products will be built up your confidence that you have selected the most suitable solution for use on the work which has already been examined and tested.

Continue: We will make a progress to develop new solutions to respond the needs of business and to meet up with the continuously and rapidly change of technology.


Solution Feature

Reader: To read data and image of the card holder correctly, rapidly and effectively.

Designer: User can design in the part of matching data as required from the card to be compatible with data in the application form, and is able to assign it as standard template without limitation number of forms.

Hot Key: Other than making self design on matching data, the user can conveniently assign Hot Key to use in reading data for each form on the next reading without requiring to be repeated.

Integrator: Integration on entering data into the application is that when pressing the Hot Key, the program will enter data of the required person into the application of the user as designed.

Copy/Print: It is able to print out the face of ID card by printer and is able to fix and change statements as required to be printed on the copy of card by the user him/herself.

Black List: It is able to record and collect data on number of ID card of the undesirable group of persons. When reading the card and pressing Hot Key, the system will verify if it is in the group of Blacklist and to display warning statement for the user to confirm on entry data into the application. It is a part of collection the fingerprint data of the card holder into database.

Match on Card: It is able to match fingerprints for confirmation on personal identity.

Components & Features



Standard Edition

Enterprise Edition

mSID Reader 

mSID Designer 

1 Form


mSID Integrator

1 Form


mSID Copy

mSID Blacklist


Standalone & Online

mSID Enrollment






mSID Card Reader

Magnetic Reader

e-Passport Reader

Mobile Phone/Tablet Reader



Template Synchronize


Usage Log




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